~ Be a more confident swimmer

~ Improve by trying something new

~ Have some fun while you’re learning

~ Continue to grow from within

Duke Kahanamoku

I am constantly inspired by this humble man, Duke Kahanamoku, his passion for swimming and love for life.

Hawaiian Olympic swimmer who won three gold and two silver medals. He is also considered the father of surfing. Due to his promotion of the sport it greatly increasing its popularity.



“In the lead up to the 2017 Ultraman World Championship I worked with Eney on detailed swim stroke analysis. I came out of that session with valuable, actionable feedback to work on in training. During the race I was able to execute a fast swim with minimal effort, that enabled me to start the bike feeling strong and finish the day close to 20 minutes ahead of my nearest rival.”

– Rob Gray: South African Ultraman Champion


“Getting my swimming technique analyzed in the swim lab with Eney Jones has been the single best investment towards improving my swimming I’ve ever made. In only one session she was able to pinpoint what I was doing wrong and correct it immediately. I recommend her 1000%.”

– Eduardo Della Maggio

Working Stroke Recovery

Be deliberate and be fast thru the air and you will find your times dropping easily from there. Excerpt:  Having more speed and alacrity in the air will create a […]

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