It’s back!

The “Eney Buoy”

After years of suffering the chafing filth and overall discomfort of traditional buoys, I have come up with a significant improvement in comfort, hygiene, and durability.

Eney BuoyThe most dramatic improvement over the traditional pull buoy is that the “Eney Buoy” allows the buoyancy to be adjusted. There is a screw cap at the end of each blow molded cavity and when the cap is removed water can be placed inside. This allows an increased work load and a more intense training capacity; ideal for early and midseason workouts.

When the cavities are left empty the “Eney Buoy” is very buoyant. Times will be fast when the “Eney Buoy” is empty. This makes it perfect for tapering or to enhance the correct body positioning you will use in a race. With the ability to change buoyancy, it mimics the sea.


This product will keep you in the water longer. And it will give you the opportunity to make your workouts faster or harder, but certainly more enjoyable. In the very least, it can carry your refreshment in open water training.

Happy Training


$42.42 each

Pick from Blue – Black – White – Red colors – or mix them!

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