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2 comments on “Eney Lessons

  1. Eney, Thanks a ton for getting me started in the right direction with such amazing, simple mental images and exercises. As I said when we met, I was blank slate… never having had any formal lessons. Who knew swimming could be so so technical? But after just two sessions in the pool I felt so different about my stroke and what it’s going to take to swim efficiently. Will look forward to the next new ideas, next time I’m in Boulder.

  2. Hi there
    Looked at your website
    Very nice
    I am a swim coach from Toronto Canada
    Also a Long Distance swimmer
    I. Have swam across Lake Ontario twice 54 Kms
    Did a swim this summer again and got 40 Kms pull out because of a storm
    I will try again in 2015
    What is your knowledge on open water swimming
    Thanks Kim

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