Michael Phelps, Caeleb Dressel – 2016 Olympic Games in Rio -courtesy of simone castrovillari
How are you able to be your child’s greatest fan and remain nurturing and supportive after a bad swim?
I am always mom and never a coach. That is my job as a mother to be nurturing and supportive regardless of a good or bad swim.


What is an important lesson you hope your child learns thru swimming?

Self discipline and to always do your best.


How has your family adjusted during this swim journey?

With four kids that swam it became a way of life for us. As the bills came in we just paid them.



How do you know when to step back and when to step in if your child has made a decision you don’t agree with?
We let our kids make their own decision if the consequences were not harmful to themselves or others. If we thought the consequences were harmful to themselves or others we would step in with both feet.


What gives you strength? How do you pass that along?

Knowing that God is in control gives me so much strength. The best way to pass that along is to live it!!! My life is God’s story being told and his character being displayed so I try my best to apply that to my daily life.

Mothering A Champion – Christina Cooper Dressel

Photo Credit: Mike Lewis/Ola Vista Photography

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