Mirinda Carfrae: Hawaiian Ironman Champion 2010 and 2013

Hey Eney,

Thanks so much for all your swimming help and advice.. I could definitely feel a significant difference in the amount of water I am catching when I feel that I am doing what you taught me. As I said at the pool, it might take a little while to get both the catch the finish working together. At least now I am starting to become aware of my lazy left arm.

I have done 2 pretty good masters sessions since I saw you, I try to visualize picking up a stone or the letter box thing while I swim but as I get tired I fall back into my old habits. Would love to get in and see you again in the next couple of days

Oh and the hand speed thing I think will be huge once I am strong enough to hold it.

Checked out the Video on Duke.. Wow what an amazing man! Thanks for sharing his story.

Mirinda Carfrae 🙂

Mirinda’s Website

7 comments on “Mirinda Carfrae: Hawaiian Ironman Champion 2010 and 2013

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